Contact Us

There’s only one reason you’re on this page and it’s because you’re thinking about getting in touch with us. If you’re the slightest bit hesitant about reaching out, let me give you a couple of excuses not to get in touch:

  • You want to be subjected to a high-pressure sales call or an endless email “funnel” pushing you to buy a product.
  • You like being “sold” commission-based products like proprietary mutual funds or annuities.
  • You think all financial advisors or investment managers offer the same thing… so who cares who I choose?
  • You’re in the mood to pay $1,000 to $3,000 for a “comprehensive financial plan” that will be outdated before the new leather smell wears off the expensive binder they’ve put it in.
  • You have more than 30 years until you’re going to need your money for retirement. If so, here is the only advice you need right now and it’s free and incredibly profitable.
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