If You Have 30+ Years to Invest

“I’m just getting started and I have 30 years (or more) to invest. What is your most profitable recommendation for me? And make it free because that’s all I can afford.”

Well, first off congratulations for even thinking about this kind of stuff this early. How early you start investing is one of the highest markers for investing success and future wealth. If this is you, then you don’t need us. Actually, in my opinion, you don’t need a financial advisor at all (yet).

So, here is exactly what I would be telling you if we were sitting knee-to-knee in my office:

Invest Aggressively and Keep Doing It. Regardless.

This advice comes with a couple of caveats: you have to have the cajones to follow the plan and the commitment to stick with it.

Here are a couple of facts… historically, there have been investing periods where the stock market has lost 83.4% of its value and you would have been underwater for about 185 months! That’s over 15 years of looking at some pretty dismal monthly statements!

To be continued…

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