The Dead Bodies I Left – Contrarian Thinking

Humans. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of emails that say “I hope you’re doing well in these trying times,” (although I may, cough, be guilty of sending 1 or 70 of ‘em). I’m tired of conversations (mine included) that default to politics, protests, posturing.

Conversations where we are all-knowing and the other is an imbecile. Yes, I am very worried about our government, Big Tech, overreach, social unrest, and tactical things like inflation, stock market plunges, and economic downturn.

But here’s the truth…we all need to gander a second or two longer in the mirror and do a little less pointing with those trigger-happy index fingers. I’ve never met a perfect human. I’m not, and I’d wager a bet you also aren’t.

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